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Education is the engine of growth, development and transformation of society and access to quality education enlightens people, humanize the world and restores the dignity of man. Ignorance is our barrier to success and investment in knowlegde is an investment in destiny. Your are the same today, what you are going to be in five years from now except for three things, namely

  1. Your relationship with God
  2. The People with whom you associate and
  3. The books you read
Upon this background the establishment of this academy is based on the zeal to provide variety and qualitative education for all round development of the learner. Discipline in schools has gone beyond cane, what we need is all-inclusive system that will not instill fear in the kids but would ensure both sound academic and moral training. The world bank latest report is that the best gift to mankind is education.

The Academy started as an off-shoot of OKAM Educational Services which was registered with the cooperate affairs commission. It was only in August 2017 that formal application was submitted to the Ministry of EEducation Enugu State for registration. While the processes are going on the Academy opened for studies on Monday the 25th of September, 2017. The Admissions were into

  • Creche
  • Nursery I
  • Primary I and
  • Junior Secondary I Only
The Motto of the Academy is Scientia Et Lux meaning Knowledge and Light


The Vision of the School is to provide variety and qualitative eduaction for all round development of the learner.



The Mission of the school is to transform the academy and its students physically, morally, academically and spiritually through collective responsibility and prayer.

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Our Staff

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Jessika John

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